Honors Program

Since its inception in academic year 1981-1982, The Honors Program at the Maricopa Community Colleges provides intellectually stimulating learning opportunities for academically outstanding students.

Goals of the Honors Program

  • To encourage, foster and contribute to a climate of excellence both in the colleges and in the surrounding community;
  • To encourage students to strive to achieve the maximum benefit from the educational services provided by the Maricopa community colleges;
  • To recognize and reward the talent and motivation of outstanding community college students and faculty;
  • To promote a sense of scholarship and community among program participants and with the colleges;
  • To serve as a source of innovation and testing for new methodologies and services that may be extended to a greater number of students; and
  • To raise awareness of the high quality and variety of educational services offered by the Maricopa Community Colleges.



Features of the Honors Program

The features of the Honors Program include specific programs at each college, Honors courses, Honors scholarships, connections with Phi Theta Kappa, and the Honors Forum Lecture Series addressing an annual theme.

Lecture Series

Honors Forum Lecture Series

The theme for this year's Honors Forum Lecture Series is "Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration".

The Honors Forum evening lectures are from 7:00 to 8:00 pm, The Honors Forums are Free and Open to the Public.

Our 2014-2015 Honors Forum speakers are:

A listing of past Honors Forum speakers and themes can be found at http://mcli.maricopa.edu/honors/forum/all

How to Join

How Students Can Join the Honors Program

There are two entry points into the Honors Program:

  • As an Honors President's Scholarship -- This scholarship is for incoming, first-year college students who meet the pathways criterion below to receive the scholarship:

1. Verified rank in the top 20 percent of an NCA-accredited Maricopa County high school class in the sixth, seventh, or eighth semester AND at the time of application, have either tested into at least ENG 101 (with a minimum Write Placer score of 5 or higher), MAT 120, and CRE 101, or have successfully completed, at an MCCCD college, the requisite course work to be prepared for placement into ENG 101, MAT 120, and CRE 101.

2. Completion of a secondary education program in a Maricopa County high school with a final cumulative high school grade point average of 3.0 or higher AND the following scores on the Maricopa Community College placement tests:  (1) English: Write Placer score of 6 or higher. (2) Reading: Exemption from CRE101. (3) Math: Placement in MAT120 or higher.

3. Maricopa County home schooled students with verification from parents AND test scores as noted in #2 above.

  • As an Honors Academic Achievement Scholar -- This scholarship is for current college students who have already completed at least twelve (12) college credits and are maintaining at least a 3.25 cumulative GPA, to assist with tuition, registration fees, and/or book supplies.

For more information about the Honors Program, contact MCLI at 480.731.8296.