Breakout Sessions for the 2011 Student Success Conference

10:15 a.m. Breakout Session I
Salon A: Featured Presentation: A Conversation with Jeff Duncan-Andrade
Jeff Duncan-Andrade
Salon B: Purposeful Career Decisions in a Turbulent Economy
Norma Chandler, Mary Frederick, Kerry Sanderson, Scott Schulz, Rene Delgado, Linda Scott, Izelle Zavala, Jackie Gill, Jacque Beale, and Suzanne Hipps
Salon C: Rediscovering the Value of ePortfolios to Showcase Student Learning
Carolyn Miller and Helice Agria
Salon D: The Completion Agenda and Developmental Education:
Research and Strategies

Robin Ozz
Salon G: Title V at GateWay Community College: Student Success by Starting Strong and Staying on Track
Bill Hart, Jennifer Mansfield, Jennifer Bradley and Robert Oliverio
Salon H: Linking Students to Higher Degrees: Using to Plan for Community College and Beyond
Erin Woodell, Ann Huber, and Rebecca McKay
Salon I: Form Follows Function: Building Information Literacy Skills One Click at a Time
Kelly Lambert and Robin Cotter
Salon J: Student Achievement in an Integrated Learning Community: A Journey of Reflection & Practice
Stephanie Fujii and Luvia Rivera
1:15 p.m. Breakout Session II
Salon A: Before You Act: Evidence-Based Decision Making
Pat Keir
Salon B: Working Together to Increase the Academic Success of
Veteran Students

Michael Burtch, Eugene Holloway, Robert Cavan, and Ramona Santiesteban
Salon C: What is Instructional Design and How Can All Students Benefit?
Carolyn Miller
Salon D: Project DEgree: Pathway to College Completion
Jimmy Berlin, Joyce Gleason, Diana Mitchell, Robin Ozz,
and Cristie Roe
Salon G: The First Three Weeks—Making It or Breaking It
Kim Chuppa-Cornell, Heather Horn, Roberta Pardo, Malik Toms, Maria Wise and
Mary Zimmerer
Salon H: Connect2NAU: A Joint Admission Program Serving the
Students of the Maricopa Community Colleges and
Northern Arizona University

Christy Boyd, Dana Flanagan, Tanya Martinez, and Doug Small
Salon I: Teaching Math with Free Textbooks and Online Resources
Paul Golisch and James Sousa
Salon J: Energize Student Success with Grant Funding
Robert Bill and Catherine Crary
2:30 p.m. Breakout Session III
Salon A: Fast Track to Success: MaricopaNursing’s Concurrent
 Associate of Applied Science/Bachelor of Science in
Nursing Program

Margi Schultz, Susan Mayer, and Debbie Bitter
Salon B: Enrollment Services Models: From Many Stops to One
Yira Brimage and Daniel Herbst
Salon C: Changing Mindset Changes Motivation
Marianne Auten and Janeth Franklin
Salon D: Putting the Pieces Together for Student Success at
Mesa Community College

Carol Achs, Daphne Rossiter, Kim Norris, Amelia Rodriguez and Joni Grover
Salon G: Learning Begins Here
Vivian Miranda and Ramona Santiesteban
Salon H: Transfer Degree Opportunities at Arizona State University for Maricopa Community College Students Completing an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree
Kelly Robles and Kathy Wigal
Salon I: Cultivating Courage for Teaching and Learning
Loman Clark
Salon J: Student Engagement in Learning Communities:
How to Make it Happen

Jason Huber