WebQuests: A Teaching Tool for All Learners in All Classrooms

Shelle Hawn and Carol Smith, Mesa Community College

Room: B-105
Topic: Integrating Technology in the Classroom
Audience Level: Novice

A WebQuest is a guided inquiry tool, using the web, which promotes a higher level of thinking. This tool may be used in any discipline and in any instructional atmosphere. WebQuests may be built to teach a specific lesson or may be as broad as an entire unit plan. Because Webquests allow students to scaffold their own learning, they work well with developmental students through honors students. They may be designed as single-student assignments and work equally well as group learning activities. A WebQuest has the potential to appeal to students who are not familiar with technology and to those who are web savvy. In addition, Webquests may be effectively incorporated into ground, hybrid, and online classrooms.

Presentation File

WebQuest Planning Worksheet (PDF)