Empowering Student Writers with Packback Writing Lab

Empowering Student Writers

Packback Writing Lab is an exciting new direct-to-student platform designed to build students’ writing skills and confidence outside of class. In this hands-on workshop, we’ll explore how to leverage Writing Lab at your institution to support student writing development.

We’ll preview Writing Lab’s cutting-edge AI feedback features including grammar and structure checks, citation generation, and plagiarism prevention. You’ll discover how Writing Lab guides students to write effectively with—and without—AI writing aides. We’ll discuss strategies for integrating Writing Lab to help students apply writing skills to any academic project.

Through interactive demonstrations, you’ll experience Writing Lab from the student perspective and learn how Packback designed its feedback to avoid generating content. We’ll cover best practices for communicating the benefits of this free tool and encouraging productive usage among students.

Whether you want to improve writing outcomes or prepare students for ethical AI use, this workshop will showcase how Writing Lab can empower your students as confident, capable writers. Join us and help shape the future of AI for writing at Maricopa!

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