2021 Faculty Convocation: Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 1

Increasing Student Motivation: Strategies that Work

Presenter: Saundra Yancy McGuire

Session Description: Motivating today’s students to actively engage in learning activities proves challenging for most faculty. Very often Gen Z students do not respond as did students in the past to extrinsic motivators such as bonus quizzes and extra credit assignments. However, as James Raffini presents in 150 Ways to Increase Intrinsic Motivation in the Classroom, when the psychoacademic needs of students are met in creative ways, student motivation soars. This presentation will engage faculty in a discussion of addressing student needs for autonomy, competence, relatedness, self-esteem, and enjoyment in order to significantly increase student motivation.

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Leveraging Our Collective Strength: Curriculum Development in Guided Pathways

Presenters: Jacqui Jesse, Camille Newton, and Julie Stiak

Session Description: Over 900 faculty and staff learned and grew together during the pathway mapping efforts over the last two years. Through the work of Curriculum Redesign, we continue to evolve in our holistic approach to curriculum development and are finding ways to move farther, faster, and together. Join us for a session to learn more about how curricular stakeholders are leveraging our collective strength and fostering collaboration to develop, sustain, and implement a high-quality curriculum.

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Introduction to Maricopa Open Digital Press

Presenters: Sian Proctor, Carla Ghanem, Lisa Worthy, and Cheryl Colan

Session Description: In this introduction to Maricopa Open Digital (MOD) Press you will learn about Pressbooks and how MOD Press is more than just a digital textbook creator. You will learn how to access your MOD Press account, import existing Pressbooks, and how to adapt them for your students' needs. You will also hear from faculty who have created Pressbooks. You will learn about funding opportunities to support your own MOD Press creations and upcoming workshops.

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Riding the Success of Peloton: Strategies for Teaching and Learning in the Virtual World

Presenters: Helice Agria

Session Description: Peloton is a disruptive innovation crushing the established fitness industry model and driving a revolution of followers and products. In this session, participants will explore how Peloton built an online spinning empire and how as educators we can transfer these approaches to create engaging, equitable, and meaningful learning experiences. Strategies discussed include community building, assessing readiness, scaffolding, providing quality feedback, connecting learners to resources, and supporting personalized learning. Get on the bike and ride Maricopa!

It Takes a Village - the First Year Experience Student Learning Outcomes

Presenters: Doug Deiss, Patty Finkenstadt, Meredith Warner, and Sharon Zygowicz

Session Description: MCCCD’s First Year Experience Learning Outcomes (FYE SLOs) provide a shared framework around which we can innovate, collaborate, and support student success. Starting with a brief overview of how the FYE SLOs were determined and the important skillset each represents, participants will then learn about exciting work faculty peers are currently engaged in to promote the FYE SLOs. There will also be an opportunity to interact and identify additional concrete examples to advance student success!

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Breakout Session 2

Establishing Caring Connections

Presenters: Janice Dawson and Leanna Hall

Session Description: Join Janice Dawson and Leanna Hall as they discuss strategies to creating a caring classroom and college by using both new and tried-and-true best practices including:

  • Six Student Success Factors
  • Swift Trust
  • Dynamic Habits of Mind
  • Caring Connections: MCC and District Resources

This session is designed for faculty and staff to help nurture student success. Participants will become more cognizant of the impact researched best practices have on student persistence.

New SIS Academic Planning Tool: Introducing the Pathway Planner

Presenters: Christine Tranetzki and Sheryl Begaye

Session Description: Whether you advise students or not, learning about the tools students use for academic planning will help inform your conversations with students and support their retention and completion. In this session, faculty will get a chance to see the Pathway Planner which serves all 10 colleges. Participants will also be introduced to the tool’s interactive and efficient features that make the most of the limited time available in advising sessions. Come see your pathways come alive!

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Increasing Student Engagement in a Virtual Modality Classroom

Presenter: Asmita Kane

Season Description: Small things go a long way in making lemonade out of the lemon handed to us in the form of this pandemic. Many students find it challenging to substitute ‘in-person’ classes with a ‘purely virtual’ format and hence their engagement to the class may be flakey. Faculty as their facilitator or mentor can help here by inculcating a variety of ways to connect to the students.

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Survival Tips for Teaching Live Online

Presenter: Mary McGlasson and Jennifer Peterson

Session Description: Join us as we navigate the uncharted waters of teaching Live Online. We will share:

  • Tools that work
  • Tips for navigation, organization, facilitation, and more!
  • Opportunities to share and learn from colleagues
  • Ideas/strategies for engagement

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