2021 AZ Regional OER Conference: Showcase



Rather than soliciting session proposals from the public, the 2012 Arizona Regional Open Educational Resources Conference will offer all registrants the opportunity to have their own virtual space where they can showcase a project, resource, initiative, or idea. Similar to poster sessions, these virtual spaces will include recorded video, and have a space for file sharing and ongoing asynchronous discussion. 

Join the Conference Showcase

Showcasing YOU!  Your IDEAS, PROJECTS, RESOURCES, INITIATIVES, and ACHIEVEMENTS!  It’s as easy as 1- 2- 3 

  1. Request a Showcase space when you Register 
    1. Video, screen capture, or voice-over PowerPoint 
      1. Less than 10 minutes 
      2. In mp4 format
    2. Infographic 
    3. Stand-alone Slide Deck 
  3. Facilitate discussion about your IDEAS, PROJECTS, RESOURCES, INITIATIVES, and ACHIEVEMENTS
    1. Connect with others who are interested in YOUR IDEAS, PROJECTS, RESOURCES, INITIATIVES, and ACHIEVEMENTS
    2. Throughout the conference 
    3. Via Padlet (we will provide the Padlet wall) 
    4. Add resources! Images! Discussion questions! 

I want a Showcase! 

  • Request a Showcase space when you register. (Showcase spaces are only available for registered participants.) 
  • Already registered? Email mcli@domail.maricopa.edu with
    • your name,
    • the name of the Showcase,
    • a brief description (less than 75 words) of the Showcase, and 
    • which of the following topics are applicable to your Showcase.

Showcase Topics:

  • Why open education?
  • Open licensing and attributing works
  • How to develop policies that support openness in education
  • Open assessment of learning
  • Increased efficiency and decreased cost through open educational practices
  • Impacts of open education on learners and educators (research and studies)
  • Case studies of open education in action
  • The benefits of open educational resources (OER)
  • Tools for finding and using OER
  • Open Source Software (OSS) tools for OER
  • How to use OSS to create OER
  • Creating accessible OER
  • Fostering open policies
  • Understanding open licenses
  • Encouraging adoption of OER
  • Open education practices: open teaching, open assessment, open pedagogy
  • Finding and using OER


  • Showcase requests will be accepted throughout the conference.
  • Only registered participants may request a Showcase. 
  • Showcase spaces may not be used for the promotion of commercial products.
  • Showcase videos must be in mp4 format.


Showcase presenters are required to: 

  • Facilitate an asynchronous discussion about your Showcase.
  • Report possible violations of the conference's Code of Conduct to conference organizers.


  • Showcase spaces will not be created for the promotion of commercial products. The conference planning team may reach out to registrants to clarify showcase purposes.
  • The planning committee reserves the right to remove any showcase video and/or discussion board that does not meet the Code of Conduct expectations.

All conference participants will be able to visit the virtual presentation spaces and participate in discussions ongoing throughout the event and beyond. Throughout the event, participants will be incentivized to engage in a variety of presentation spaces.


Submit your Showcase


Upload your Showcase.  To ensure that your Showcase and your Asynchronous Discussion board are together, name your video the same as your presentation. 


  • Presentation Title: My Amazing Idea 
  • Video Title: My Amazing Idea

Videos will be uploaded to a conference YouTube playlist, and linked to the Showcase space.  The conference playlist will also be linked on the conference website. 

Each showcase will be provided with a Padlet for asynchronous discussion, and you will be expected to monitor and respond to the discussion. You will also be expected to report any possible violations of the conference’s Code of Conduct to mcli@domail.maricopa.edu

Spotlight & checklist icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com.

Showcase topics are adapted from Open Education Week topics (from openeducationweek.org, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License).