Unlocking Student Potential: Enhancing Critical Thinking and Writing Skills with Packback

Unlocking Student Potential

Join us for a hands-on workshop that explores the powerful features of Packback Questions and Packback Deep Dives, two online platforms designed to enhance critical thinking, dialogue, and writing skills in students.

Learn how to create complex, open-ended prompts that spark curiosity and engage students in thoughtful conversations. Explore best practices for using Packback’s feedback system to provide and receive constructive comments.

Discover how Deep Dives improves student writing through instant AI feedback on mechanics, depth, flow, and research quality. Learn to implement multi-draft assignments, provide actionable comments, and use grading assistant features like AI-suggested scores and custom rubrics.

Gain firsthand experience with both platforms, practicing prompt creation, iterative drafting, feedback provision, and analytics review. Develop strategies for insightful questioning, viewpoint integration, and discussion enhancement.

Ideal for educators aiming to boost student engagement and writing skills while streamlining grading. Acquire practical skills for facilitating rich dialogue and efficient assessment.

Join us to unlock the potential of Packback Questions and Deep Dives, and bring out the best in every student!

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