Faculty Leadership Academy


The role of Faculty Chairs is among the most important in any academic institution. To be successful in this role, significant support by the College is necessary. One method of support is the comprehensive professional development program known as the Faculty Leadership Academy. The Faculty Leadership Academy is designed through the ongoing contributions of Faculty Chairs, feedback from those they lead, and input from other co-workers.

The goal of the Faculty Ladership Academy is to provide development to assist you with effective and principled decision-making in every situation. Partners in the development and delivery of the Faculty Leadership Academy included Residential Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Administration, and MCLI.

The Faculty Leadership Academy will include, but not be limited to:

  • developing mastery in shared governance and academic leadership in complex organizations;
  • adapting to a constantly evolving landscape in higher education;
  • navigating administrative regulations and requirements;
  • designing daily Department/Division operations; and
  • solving employee relation challenges.

Ideally, the Faculty Leadership Academy training will be completed prior to serving in a Faculty Chair role.

(adapted from Section 7.2.3. Department/Division Chair Training of the 2023-24 Faculty Agreement)

To complete the Faculty Leadership Academy, new Department/Division Chairs will need to complete