Innovation & Entrepreneurship

MCLI Innovation & Entrepreneurship Series

An entrepreneurial mindset empowers people to recognize opportunities and solutions using critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, (calculated) risk-taking, communication, and collaboration. An entrepreneurial mindset ignites ambition, inspires innovation, drives action, and leverages value for our students, organization(s), and communities.

MCLI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Series from Paradise Valley Comm College on Vimeo.

First Fridays at Phoenix Forge

The MCLI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Series is in its 4th year and includes a 2023-2024 partnership with Phoenix Forge, the largest makerspace in the Southwest powered by GateWay Community College. Individuals are invited to participate in one, or all, of the events that combine innovation and entrepreneurship skills with a creative maker experience. How might these events inspire and inform your journey into making, innovation, and entrepreneurship ... and what might you create next at Phoenix Forge?

No making or design experience is needed to enjoy these workshops - students, employees, and community members are invited! You can attend one, or all, of the events. Each event is designed as a stand-alone experience but each event also builds on the one that came before so that participants can build their I&E and Making skills over time.

This season’s events include Free Parking in the lot closest to/adjacent to Phoenix Forge! Yes, an upgraded iteration!